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Gaian Soul

The spirit of Earth, Gaia, is reawakening within humanity.

We are remembering and healing our connection to Earth and in doing so receive

immeasurable health benefits, getting our physical and non-physical bodies back in sync with natural and life-giving Earth's cycles.


Interfacing with the elements in a new way, we awaken to life's miraculous unfolding and receive deeper understandings regarding our own existence and place within the Universe.

We are each being invited home to reconnect with our great Mother Earth.

Our intention at Gaian Soul is to curate moments of reconnection to Earth, through the direct experience; time well spent in nature, we rekindle our connection to our true essence, the golden thread of connection shared by all life-forms.

We have each been gifted the opportunity of a human life, with which to learn about what it means to be human, to be ourselves, our relationship to reality and each other.

By consciously connecting with more depth to the elements, we begin to witness the dance of creation, Earth intelligence within us in relationship to the all.

Many of us have been searching for a long time for that missing link, to finally feel at home on Earth, it is our intention to create the spaces to enable this homecoming.

We're all about keeping it fun, simple, wholesome & beautiful, enjoying consciousness expanding adventures in nature, good people, good food & digital detoxing.

We look forward to getting into nature with you!

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